Canada jays do not “plan for the future”

In a new paper, Jeff Martin and colleagues find that Canada jays do not plan for the future in the way described for California scrub-jays. In contrast to scrub-jays, Canada jays did not store more food in a location where they would later be food deprived but instead, stored more food in the location where they received food. See Jeff’s paper for discussion of why results with these two food-storing corvids may differ.

Martin, R.J., Martin, G.K., Roberts, W.A. & Sherry, D. F.  (2021). No evidence for future planning in Canada Jays (Perisoreus canadensis). Biology Letters, 17, 20210504.

One of Jeff’s Canada jays on the cover of Biology Letters. Image courtesy of Sherri and Brock Fenton.

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