Food Storing

Copyright Mark Hryciw

Food-storing birds, like chickadees and jays, make thousands of scattered food caches that they retrieve by remembering the spatial locations of their caches. We have examined the properties of memory in black-capped chickadees and the role of the avian hippocampus in memory for cache sites.  We discovered that the hippocampus is larger in food-storing than in non-storing birds.   More adult hippocampal neurogenesis also occurs in chickadees than in non-storing birds and we have examined the role of neurogenesis in memory along with patterns of seasonal change in hippocampal neurogenesis. In current research we are investigating how the nutritional content of food affects Canada jay’s caching decisions.  We are also tracking the activity of radio-tagged chickadees in winter, when most  food storing occurs.  The behaviour of food-storing birds has allowed us to investigate many novel aspects of cognition and the avian brain.

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